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Plug and play technology copy for an ever-evolving world
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With technology solutions emerging at lightning speed, it can take your customers time to catch up — time you don’t have. Sometimes the most innovative technology is the hardest to sell because your prospects don’t understand your value. Many of my clients have this issue. If your audience doesn’t recognize how amazing your solution is and why they should be spending their money with you, I can help.

Let me make your life easier.


I am a seasoned technology and sales writer who knows how to dig deeper and make copy that turns prospects into customers and customers into lifelong fans. Give me a call or shoot me an email to talk about your next copywriting project today.

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Lynn Hooghiemstra, Content Marketing, Emerson

I have the great pleasure of working with Danyelle regularly and find her to be a very skilled technology writer. She picks up complex technical concepts and information quickly and is able to write about them in an engaging way. Her work for me and my business unit stands out and gets noticed.

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Marley Wagner, Director of Marketing,


Danyelle's ability to quickly gain a deep understanding of our business and our brand, and then thoughtfully produce meaningful written content in our voice and for our audience has been incredible! I've worked with full-fledged marketing agencies who were unable to accomplish in a year what Danyelle accomplished in just three short months with her writing. I could not recommend Danyelle more highly - she is an extremely talented writer who is open to feedback, collaborative in her work, and perhaps most importantly, a truly genuine and kind human being.


April D. Lujan,

Senior Marketing Programs Manager,


I had the privilege of working with Danyelle on an important product launch while I was at Emerson. The product information was highly technical with an engineering focus. I was impressed with Danyelle’s writing style; it was a pleasant surprise to find out that she had educational expertise in STEM. She quickly digested complex information about the product and effortlessly produced various pieces to help support the product launch. She is conscientious about her work, always accessible, ahead of schedule, and, most importantly, was spot on with the messaging and content she delivered. It was an absolute joy working with her. If you need a ‘ROCK STAR’ to write anything, I highly recommend Danyelle!

Jason Coots.jfif

Jason Coots, CMO, Steal Marketing Consulting Group

I run a Fractional CMO marketing practice and asked Danyelle to join me in a large B2B SaaS company rebrand and ABM launch. It was a large ask. She took it on without question and dove in. Her work was pivotal in driving the value proposition and product differentiation through her writing. Her work was always on time and had very few revisions from the stakeholders because it was right on target. I will be hiring Danyelle again on my next copywriting needs project. No question you won’t be wrong in contracting with her.


Raluca-Mihaela (Gaidău) Keeling, Marketing Director,

I had the pleasure to work with Danyelle in numerous occasions. She is absolutely amazing - her writing style and her awesome word selection have become #1 within the ranking of the most visualized Emerson posts several times! She surely has the skills and great capabilities to understand a complex project, filter it though a rational perspective, proactively investigate within the field and deliver a high quality piece of work that becomes a true success.

Thank you, Danyelle! I totally recommend you to whoever might want to promote the great capabilities of their products or tell their true stories and cannot find the right words. Danyelle can do that for you, she is very talented, rigorous, detail oriented and emotionally intelligent. She gets extremely difficult concepts translated into unforgettable words.

What my clients say

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